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Efe Arabaci

Efe Arabaci is a Turkish impressionist artist born in 1988. Now based in Oslo, Norway. He likes painting landscapes and cityscapes. He tries to include an abstract feel in his impressionist paintings and add something mysterious to his artworks.


Selected artwork called "Grandiose" for the Second FINEness International Art Festival organized by IWS Poland. (2024)
Selected artwork called "A Busy Day at Puerta del Puente" for the Second International Watercolor Festival Cordoba by IWS Cordoba. (2024)
Selected artwork called " Gentlemen of Izmir in front of the Clock Tower" for the 12th Anniversary of IWS & Globe Watercolor Day Competition by IWS Turkey. (2024)
Selected artworks called "A Night in Milan" and “A Shower in Stortinget” for the LET`S ROCK Watercolor Competition by RockWell Art Supplies. (2024)
Selected artwork called "Hustle and Bustle in Bologna" for the 2024 FabrianoinAcquarello by Fabriano. (2024)
Albin Art, Oslo, Norway – 06-11.01.2024
The Gallery of the Culture Center, Majdanpek, Serbia – 23.01.2024-13.02.2024
Yildiz Kenter Culture Center, Izmir, Turkey – 01-06.02.2024
Galleri 1845, Fredrikstad, Norway – 03-25.02.2024
The Palacio de la Merced, Cordoba, Spain – 11-24-03.2024
Zabytkowa Kopalnia Ignacy, Rybnik, Poland - 19.04.2024-29.04.2024
Fabriano, Bologna, Italy – 26-29.04.2024
Fabriano, Texas, USA – 14-16.10.2024
Feel free to follow me on:
IG: efe_arabaci_art

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